Are all your product lines posted on your site?
No. I have a large selection of invitations, announcements, stationery and accessories from the top vendors in the industry. This site is a sampling of my offerings. It should be used mostly to select easy items that you do not need to touch and feel or custom design. Items such as stickers, ID tags, note pads, basic stationery and gift items. I also sometimes have some well priced gifts on hand that are not posted so just ask. If you need something last minute, I may have something for you. I get different items from time to time which I will try to post in my Monthly News section.

Do you still sell hand-painted, personalized gifts?
For many years I did but I discontinued that part of my business.

When should I order my invitations?
The industry recommends three to four months before the affair date. I suggest four to six months before the affair date to allow enough time to look at invitations (and change your mind!), account for unforeseen events, time to weigh invitation and order custom stamps (which could take up to two weeks to arrive), and decrease any stress!  Keep in mind you want to mail your invitations eight/nine weeks prior to your affair.

How do I word my invitations?
Here’s the information you need: Name of the honoree, Day and Date, Time, Name of Place, Location, Name of the host(s). I have samples of wording for your selection for invitations, response cards, dress codes and celebration ideas from traditional to unique, or make up your own.

Do I need Save the Date cards?
This is a great way to provide out of town and overseas guests with the chance to make travel arrangements for your affair. These are generally sent out six to 12 months prior to the event, or as soon as your plans are finalized.

I have an idea for an invitation that I haven’t seen anywhere, can you make this invitation?
All orders are custom. I work with you and designers to create your vision on paper. You can modify an invitation you’ve already seen by changing papers and ink colors or create something totally unique for your occasion or theme. All accessories are custom as well including place cards, napkins, lounge pillows, ribbon, menus, programs, tags, labels, and more!

Can you help with other aspects of my party?
Yes. In addition to custom invitations, I can help you with all your party accessories (yarmulkes, napkins, etc.) as well as party planning and referrals.

What is the etiquette for writing addresses?
Please ask me for my Guide to Writing Addresses. This will answer all your questions.

How should I format my addresses?
There are many companies that will now print computer-generated guest addresses.  Each vendor has a specific format so ask first. Most take addresses in a Word document.  Addresses should be stacked with a space between each.  If your envelopes are done by hand calligraphy, it is a good idea to have them ordered in advance.

Do I need to order extra invitations?
Yes. It is recommended to order an additional 25 invitations to account for guests you originally left off the list (always happens!), or for those you add later, as well as an invitation for yourself to preserve with your memories. It is also necessary to provide 10-12 extra envelopes if you are using hand-calligraphy. So, consider ordering additional envelopes as well.When do I need my address list ready?

Start working on it now! For starters, if your list is in good shape you will know what quantity of invitations to order and you can confirm questionable addresses. It is also important that they are worded and addressed properly.

When do I mail my invitations?
Eight to nine weeks prior to your affair date. However, six weeks is acceptable. If you do not do Save the Date cards, out of town guests should be notified informally months before the affair date in order to make travel arrangements.

What date do I put on my RSVP card?
Four weeks prior to your event date is standard.

How do I keep track of my responses?
I recommend lightly marking the back of the RSVP cards to coordinate with your master guest list. This way if someone forgets to write their name you will know who it is. This also enables you to efficiently track your responses and follow up with anyone who has not responded.

What’s the deal with stamps?
To determine the amount you need, weigh your finished invitation and all accessories that are going in the envelope at the post office.  Note that square and oversized invitations require additional postage. The post office will help you determine the postage so that you can order custom stamps to match your invitation. Inquire about a custom designed stamp to match your invitations.  If you do custom stamps, I recommend bringing them to the post office to hand cancel them. This will prevent your invitation from going through the post office machines and getting damaged. Don’t forget, you will need stamps for your response cards as well.

Can I add Hebrew wording to my invitation?
Yes. I recommend having your Rabbi translate the English symbol to the Hebrew letter using the Hebrew Translation Chart.

How do I assemble my invitations?
With the invitation envelope flap side up, the invitation and any accessory items should be placed in the envelope with the printed side up. Traditionally, the invitation should be placed on the bottom with the accessories on top in size order; Smallest accessory on top. For pocket invitations, the accessory items should be placed in the pocket. The response card should be placed under the response envelope flap, not inside of it. The envelope should be preprinted with the mailing address and stamped. However, many are putting the accessories behind the invitation which makes for a better presentation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

I have no official business hours, 7 days/most hours!

Jill Cooper

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